Questions About Website Development

What do you want to know?

What is website development?
Website development is generally accepted as a broad term encompassing design, programming and upload of a website to a host server so it can be viewed through a website browser. For quality purposes, Gage Design prefers to keep all aspects of development in-house, including hosting.
What is hosting?
Hosting is the service of providing space on an accessible server attached to the Internet. Gage Design's hosting is on dedicated, managed servers located at a facility monitored 24 hours per day. They feature redundant power supplies, nightly backup and connection by large, fiber optic trunk lines.
How is the cost of a website determined?
As a part of the estimating process, Gage Design builds a site map showing functionality and size. After Client approval, we submit an estimate of costs based on the size and complexity of the project.
How do I get an estimate?
Contact Gage Design or just let us know you're interested and we'll meet with you or call to discuss your needs. Each website is unique and we need enough information to create a rudimentary site map and make an estimate of costs. Estimates are always free.
What is the first step in the website development process?
Gage Design schedules a meeting to gather existing graphic files and interview key decision makers.
What should I be prepared to provide to the design firm?
Time will be required for an interview and a number of design review meetings. During the interview process, we ask for lists of competitors, industry trade publications and industry trade organizations. We also request existing graphics files for such things as logos, Client-owned photographs and illustrations relevant to the project.
How long does it take to complete the website development process?
An average website usually takes about 3 months depending on client response times.

Utilize Compelling Technology

The result of Gage Design's website development process is a custom, marketing tool designed to create a lasting impression and to communicate the client's key marketing messages for a compelling effect. Our sites are created to be flexible, scalable and easily updated. Our high-performance hosting ensures quick and easy access.


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