Web Development

A five-stage approach

Research is the key to creating an effective website. During this phase the key decision makers are interviewed and scope of work, competition, market position, target audience and lines of business are discussed. Preexisting plans and marketing challenges are carefully reviewed. The Competition and other relevant companies are researched to assure differentiation.

Planning is the process of defining the scope of work, basic site architecture, schedules, budgets and essential resources.

Design is the exercise of exploring viable visual solutions compatible with the brand, the goals of the project and the client. The final solution is achieved through presentation and refinement.

Implementation brings full functionality to the established design and site architecture. The site is assembled with appropriate programming. Visual elements are optimized and final text is uploaded. The new site is thoroughly tested before it goes live.

Follow-up services include registering the site with the major search engines, client training and ongoing site maintenance.


Utilize Compelling Technology

The result of Gage Design's website development process is a custom, marketing tool designed to create a lasting impression and to communicate the client's key marketing messages for a compelling effect. Our sites are created to be flexible, scalable and easily updated. Our high-performance hosting ensures quick and easy access.


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