Print Communications

A four-stage approach

Research is the key to creating a successful print piece. During this stage key decision makers are interviewed. The scope of work, competition, market position, target audience and lines of business are reviewed and comprehensive plans, marketing strategies and challenges are defined.

Design is the process of developing visual solutions. Potential design strategies are explored and concepts are presented to the client. Through the process of presentation, discussion and refinement, the best solution is fully developed.

Production is the process of preparing the designs for manufacturing. Final production files are prepared, images optimized and files gathered for release to the printer.

Manufacturing is the physical production of the finished product. Printer coordination, proofing, supervision at the press and delivery are coordinated by the designer.

Leave a lasting impression

The result of Gage Design's print process is a fine, printed, marketing instrument, designed to leave a lasting impression and to communicate the client's message in the most compelling way possible. Gage Design has many years of experience in print design and production and a broad knowledge of the local printing industry.


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