Print Communications

Hardworking and Potent

Printing ideas on paper has created industries, incited revolutions and changed the world. There’s nothing like a well designed, printed piece to convey a feeling of integrity and classic elegance.
“Gage Design skillfully guided us through a comprehensive process to revise our image and printed materials. Their knowledge, patience and persistence are much appreciated.”
Van Ruiter, President, Pacific Torque
Gage Design has over 25 years of experience in the design and production of printed materials. When you set off to build a stronger business, take us along. We’re expert in the design and production of printed communications. Explore our print portfolio »

Leave a lasting impression

The result of Gage Design's print process is a fine, printed, marketing instrument, designed to leave a lasting impression and to communicate the client's message in the most compelling way possible. Gage Design has many years of experience in print design and production and a broad knowledge of the local printing industry.


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