The Integrated Approach

What do you want to know?

What is an integrated approach?
An integrated approach to marketing uses coordinated media to promote an organization's focused marketing message to the target audience. Gage Design specializes in the integration of corporate image, website and printed materials to communicate a consistent, unified message.
What is a creative platform?
After a company's target market and strategic message are determined, a creative platform is developed made up of key phrasing and images that can be used on the web and printed materials for consistency.
How is the cost of an integrated approach determined?
Gage Design develops a strategic plan and estimates the cost of each element individually incorporating all the efficiencies of contiguous work.
How do I get an estimate?
Contact Gage Design to set a time for discussion. We need enough information to create a rough strategic plan. After key elements are determined, we provide a itemized proposal for review. Estimates are always free.
What is the first step in the integrated approach process?
Gage Design schedules a meeting to collect relevant graphic files and interview key decision makers.
What should I be prepared to provide to the design firm?
Time will be required for an interview and a number of design review meetings. During the interview process, we ask for lists of competitors, industry trade publications and industry trade organizations.
How long does it take to complete the integrated approach process?
It usually takes from 4 to 6 months depending on the service level required and client response time. Individual parts of the plan are available as they are completed.

Implement a Powerful Synergy

The result of this process will be the communication of compelling and consistent marketing messages through a family of unique instruments carefully designed to work synergistically. There is a powerful dynamic created when a creative message is combined with a strong image, focused printed materials and a robust online presence.

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