The Integrated Design Process

A five-stage approach

Research is the keys to creating a successful strategy. During this phase, key decision makers are interviewed and the scope of work, competition, market position, target audience and lines of business are discussed. Marketing challenges are carefully reviewed.

Strategy Development is the process of forming a decisive plan and a creative platform consisting of positioning statements, key phrases and creative concepts that can be consistently communicated through a family of marketing instruments.

Creative Application is the process of designing and writing key creative content and consistently integrating it through the design of specified print and Web instruments. Key content consists of names, logos, taglines, graphic elements and key phrases.

Implementation is the process of producing key marketing instruments. Print production, website development and advertisement placement are implemented. Digital files are made available.

Documentation is the process of establishing standards and guidelines to assure consistency. Standards for color, type and logo use are made available.


Implement a Powerful Synergy

The result of this process will be the communication of compelling and consistent marketing messages through a family of unique instruments carefully designed to work synergistically. There is a powerful dynamic created when a creative message is combined with a strong image, focused printed materials and a robust online presence.

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