The Image Design Process

A four-stage approach

Research is the key to creating an effective corporate image. During this phase the key decision makers are interviewed and scope of work, competition, market position, target audience and lines of business are discussed. Preexisting plans and marketing challenges are carefully reviewed. Competing and other relevant companies are researched to assure differentiation.

Design is the process of creating possibilities and distilling the most viable elements. Potential design solutions are explored and concepts are presented to the client. Through the process of presentation, discussion and refinement, the best design solution is determined.

Production is the process of bringing the design proposal to reality. Business papers are produced and digital files are delivered to the client in several formats. Images files are made available on the Internet for easy download.

Documentation is the process of establishing standards and guidelines to assure consistent application to future projects. Standards for color, type and logo use are made available. In more complete image programs, a Corporate Image Standards Manual is assembled.


Establish a unique image

The result of Gage Design's image design process is a unique corporate image carefully designed to fit the client's needs and to differentiate them for maximum effectiveness. Clients always have quick and easy access to logo files in a variety of standard file formats, and written standards through Gage Design's secure client area.


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